Well it’s the start of a new year and to get it off to a great start the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is underway with all the big names displaying new tech and gadgets for us all. I usually get pretty excited when these shows roll around as it usually dictates where some of my hard earned dollars will end up. It’s also a good chance to get a glimpse at future trends and what I should be looking at researching for the coming year.

So what have we seen so far? Well there are a couple cool bits of tech that I think everyone should have a look at.

LG GD910 Watch Phone: The good old watch phone. I’ve seen a few of these come and go in my lifetime but none of them have had the appeal that this one does. With touch interfaces becoming very mature and the integration of 3G, video calling,  Bluetooth and voice recognition it seems like an actual competitor to other small phones, rather than just a novelty. Depending on the size it may or may not sell well, as I know many people who can’t stand giant watches on their wrists. Couple this with an INVISO G5 and you’re good to go with little more then a pocket full of gear.

EEEPC T91: Now while I’m not the biggest fan of the whole Netbook scene (Windows mobile guy myself, but that’s another story) this is actually quite a bit step forward and I must say, its got me very interested. Although there’s not much info on it, the bigger brother EEEPC T101H is probably the one I’d hang out for. Ever since these low cost laptops hit the market I always hoped that they’d eventually trickle down into a tablet so I’d have a use for them (taking notes in a conference anyone?) and it seems that ASUS has been listening to the market very closely. I’d expect to see these things appearing in all sorts of places, probably replacing many Windows Mobile and Palm devices that are currently being used.

Samsung MBP200 Pico Projector: Whilst it seems that every company under the sun has been releasing tiny projectors this is one of the newest to the scene and it actually works! Many of the other projectors have just been detailed in press releases and what not, but this one is actually on display at CES. Although they are lacking some of the more juicy details like price and release date it is still a cool bit of tech, and would go very nicely with an EEEPC or similar.

I’m going to be following CES pretty closely as it develops and I’ll be sure to pass on anything amazing onto everyone. It seems that this year we’ll be seeing a lot of miniaturization, green technologies and products targeting the low cost high volume market. I’m very interested to see what the next few days of CES will bring us.

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David Klemke

David is an avid gamer and technology enthusiast in Australia. He got his first taste for both of those passions when his father, a radio engineer from the University of Melbourne, gave him an old DOS box to play games on.

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