The Lab

This is “The Lab”, where I’ll put links to all the bits and pieces of technology that I want to try. There’s not much at the moment, but I’m slowly adding stuff that I like šŸ˜‰

Terminal Services:

I’ve installed a TS Gateway and published a couple apps. Initial testing shows that TS Gateway is very reliant on a lot of little bits and pieces, but it is still very cool for something that comes free with Windows Server 2008. I’ll probably put up CITRIX Access Gateway server on this and compare them, but I’ve got a feeling the CITRIX will win out.

Ventrilo Server:

I’ve got a Ventrilo server running on my web server. It was extremely easy to set up and the bandwidth usage is pretty minimal. Thankfully the majority of it is upload, which is free for my ISP šŸ™‚

Motion Control Program:

My own home grown answer to all the motion controlled game systems that have been coming out recently. Funnily enough I developed this years before the Wii came out as a technical demo for a university project. Sadly the code never made it in and it got shelved, but it still works today even on Windows 7. Grab a copy of it here and read the post on how to use it. Happy waving!


This is my web application for aggregating geolocation information into one easy to view source. It’s going to be the basis for a much grander application that will incorporate user requests, mobile versions, and much much more. Right now it is at 1.0, and I’m taking all suggestions on where to go from here.


Coming soon to a web browser near you.

Supernova Escape:

A game built on Unity that I’m currently working on. The link above will take you to a demo of the latest build!

Sortilio (Coming soon!):

A utility to sort your media folders into Series/Season/Episode format.